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Counselling/Consulting Services


Active Listening

The bulk of the work I perform involves listening deeply to the client’s own lived experience. Empathetic reflection, clarifying, summarizing, and gently challenging potentially self-limiting beliefs in a thoughtful, informed and skilled manner. Sometimes metaphors and analogies may used to help generate new insights and role playing may be used to help bring focus to greater understanding, intention, purpose, and meaning.  


Skill Building


Practicing proven techniques aimed at coping and self-soothing measures to help build resilience and self empowerment as well as developing techniques aimed at better identifying, assessing and targeting meaningful personal goals, milestones and objectives. 


The transferring of knowledge of current, proven, evidence-based psychological theories and techniques to help clients understand the thought processes that can activate change in their outward behaviour that can ultimately influence the quality of their inner state of well-being. Providing an accountability influence to help clients follow through on their own work outside of session to help secure lasting change in meaningful aspects of their sense of personal self worth, their interpersonal relationships and their sense of belonging in the world at large.


Session Formats



One to one in a confidential setting.

Duration: 50 minutes.



Two or more clients working with Counsellor in a conditionally confidential setting. This may involve a combination of individual and joint work typically involved with conflict resolution. Conditional confidentiality means only disclosing matters to the Counsellor in an individual setting that can eventually be shared jointly. How and when it can be shared effectively is the purpose of the individual sessions and where much of the work happens.

Duration: 1.5 hours/joint session.


Semi-private sessions can include family members, friends, business partners, colleges/associates etc, who share a common interest in maintaining confidentiality while effectively addressing issues affecting their mutual relationship. In my practice this does not typically include specific Couples Counselling, which is a Counselling Specialty all on its own. I do work with couples who are interested in improving aspects of their personal, family business, organizational and/or community-based elements of their lives other than addressing their intimate personal relationship. I also work with people who are navigating post-separation challenges of a personal, business, organizational or community-based relationship. For two people seeking to work collaboratively on strengthening their intimate personal relationship, I can help them find a suitable Couples Counsellor.



Three to six clients with Counsellor in a setting with agreed upon rules of operating, mutual respect and when appropriate, a clear understanding of the limits to confidentiality. Counsellor will lead one of two pre-determined session formats; 1) content-specific sessions where focused information is shared with all participants or 2) Counsellor will guide exploratory process-oriented sessions where participants are able to express their own experience and bear witness to others willing to share their lived experience.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours/session in length based on number of participants.

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